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    First post: When I am playing a game on my note 5, if i receive an email or text, the notification sound is played, but then I have no sound in the game. I have to restart the game in order to turn the sound back on. Is there a fix? Thanks! Note 5, Android 6.0.1 Verizon

    Follow up for Waffles0623: The notifications are from the default messaging and email apps. It happens with any game app. It mutes the game for the notification then then sound never comes back. The volume still shows as all the way up. I have tried turning it down then back up but that doesn't work. It only gets "perma-muted" on the games. I have received the notifications while the youtube app is running and it mutes then comes right back. The games I notice it in are Vega Conflict and Pokemon Go. Those are the only games I play. The notification sounds themselves are from zedge, but they are being used in the default messaging and email app.

    07-14-2016 07:46 PM

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