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    I have just bought a HTC 10, and want to be able to have scrolling wallpaper, as I have previously had on my phones. To accomplish this, I have been using Nova Launcher, as it is not naively supported on my old Samsung S5.

    I have been using an app called HelloMundo which allows you to use a webcam image as the wallpaper, and on my S5 this displays and scrolls perfectly. However, upon installing Nova on the HTC 10, the image is initially displayed properly on one screen, but as soon as you scroll to another screen, it suddenly only covers half the screen - the other half is just black. The wallpaper does still scroll though on the half of the screen where it is displayed. I have tried installing a number of different launchers to see if the problem was Nova, but they all produce the same result.

    Seeing as both my HTC and my Samsung S5 are running the same version of Android (6.0.1), and it is a recurring problem regardless of which launcher I try to use, it seems that the issue is with the phone itself, rather than the launcher. Does anyone have any ideas?


    07-15-2016 06:25 PM

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