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    I have a refurbished Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (10.) (SCH-i915) and a 2009 MacBook Pro running El Capitan. I've had the tablet almost a year and have had multiple issues with it and found that Samsung is of no help.

    I had tried to swap files between the tablet and laptop using a USB cable. When I connect the two, the battery icon on the tablet changes to a battery icon with a white lightning bolt covered with a giant red X, and when I open the battery menu in settings, instead of saying "charging," it says "discharging." This only happens when it's plugged into the USB port on a computer.

    As for swapping files, the USB symbol will appear on my tablet's notification tray and say it's connected as a media device, but that's it. On my MacBook's end, I've tried to read the tablet's files using Android Transfer, Kies, and SmartSwitch, but none of them work. Android Transfer says it can't read my device, and Kies and SmartSwitch say they're not compatible with my tablet.

    I've tried swapping files using Bluetooth, but I'm only able to send files from my MacBook to my tablet, not the other way around.

    I had contacted Samsung about both the charging issue and the synchronization. I sent the tablet to them, and they claimed they fixed the problems by replacing the tablet's charging port. However, when I got the tablet back, I still had the problems with the charging using the USB cable when I plug the tablet into either my Macintosh or my Windows laptop. The tablet and Windows laptop can now recognize each other, but still no luck with the MacBook, which is my primary computer.

    Samsung said there's nothing they can do and the problem must be with my MacBook. However, I'm not sure. I've had other problems with the tablet ever since I purchased it, and in each case, Samsung tried to blame the problems on everything except the tablet, even though in the end the problems were with the tablet.

    I've performed multiple factory resets and software updates on the tablet, as well as used several different USB cables, all to no avail. What else can I do to get the tablet and MacBook to communicate with each other?

    I am rather disgusted with Samsung and will never purchase another one of their products again. However, I don't have the resources yet to replace the tablet, so I want to try to make do with it until I can. Any help is most appreciated. Thank you.
    07-17-2016 08:11 AM

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