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    Just recently my phone started going crazy with the WiFi. I noticed it when I started to get data warnings, alerting me that I hadn't been using WiFi at home like I normally do (though at first I thought it was just too much Pokemon Go...). Turns out the WiFi is consistently cycling on and off, going from searching for a network, connecting, connected, dropping the connection and back to searching again, repeating that cycle ad infinitum.

    Here are a few things I have already tried to fix the issue:

    1. Rebooting my phone.
    2. Forgetting all saved networks.
    3. Setting a static IP (this did fix a problem where there was no IP address being assigned initially, but now only adds a brief connection to the cycle before the WiFi disconnects and has to search for networks again.
    4. Resetting my home modem and router (network works fine for laptops, wife's phone, consoles, etc. Just not my phone I should add that my wife's phone is also a Nexus 6).
    5. Rebooting my phone again. And again. And again.
    6. Manually connecting to WiFi.
    7. I am on the latest Android update.

    What's even weirder is that even when I have all networks forgotten and am not attempting to connect to any of them, I can watch the WiFi cycle between finding the plethora of networks all around me (with good signal on all of them) to losing all of them and searching for networks, and back again.

    Any reason that my phone would be constantly cycling its WiFi? There's not a single factor that I can think of that could have changed it's behavior, where it has been consistently working just fine for 2 years here.

    The one thing I feel like I haven't yet tried (short of a complete factory reset) is going out and trying to connect to another network, such as a friend's house or local Starbucks, but given I can see the WiFi cycle whether I'm trying to connect to my home network or not, I have a feeling that won't do anything to resolve the issue. \

    Any insight anyone can provide would be graciously appreciated, as I use the phone a lot for work and can't afford to do it all just on my data connection.

    07-17-2016 09:17 PM

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