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    Would greatly appreciate info from anyone who has successfully done a backup to their PC using Samsung's Smartswitch, then saved the info from their PC to an external drive such as a Western Digital drive or even just to a thumb drive, THEN successfully reversed the process when their laptop and phone were stolen, lost , or destroyed at the same time. (I know that the info on phone such as calendar, contacts, text messages, have to be saved to the storage on the phone to be backed up to PC using Smartswitch). THIS IS A CRITICAL question/issue for small business users who do do not want to backup their info to clouds. As a small business owner, I do NOT want to backup my data (contacts, texts messages, calendar, log files, Word and PDF (document) files, or photos) to Google's cloud since Google goes through it all and equally as bad you give up your ownership rights under the terms of its contract. I also do not want to put that data on my phone carrier's cloud (actually will delete it) since it states that any content on its cloud is PUBLIC. Unlike iphone for which you can use itunes to backup to PC, and old blackberry that had Blkberry software to backup to PC, Samsung offers Smartswitch (which can also be used to transfer from phone to phone). I backup everything on my laptop to two external Western Digital Drives drives and for quckly access if disaster also save all documents and Outlook PST files from laptop to thumb drive. Weekly, I update one Western Digital drive from my safety deposit box in case my PC are lost, stolen or destroyed at the same time (live long enough and you know anything can happen). QUESTION: I can't seem to find out if I can backup the Smartswitch folder from the PC to either an external drive like Western Digital or just to a thumb drive and then, if my PC and phone are destroyed, lost, or stolen at the same time, I can then either: (1) do a restore from the Western Digital external drive to a new laptop and then do a restore from the laptop Smartswitch folder to my new Samsung phone (that assumes the external drive can put the Smartswitch data back onto my new laptop properly) OR (2) put the thumb drive into my new laptop and save the data in the Smartswitch folder on the thumb drive to my new laptop into Smartswitch software added to the new laptop and then restore the data in the Smartswitch folder on my laptop to the new Samsung phone.
    07-17-2016 11:21 PM

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