1. AC Question's Avatar
    - able to display all images on the device, or images in folder(s) with subfolders
    - on click opens default image app
    - supports 3x2 size
    - preferably no frame; no transitions
    - preferably support for custom interval

    I had this kind of widget among stock apps on my previous Samsung Galaxy Mega, but there's sadly no such widget on my new device

    Currently the best option I found is "Photo Frame&Grid Widget" - the only problem is that it doesn't show images from subfolders, have to manually scan across all the folders and place a check-mark at each subfolder.
    07-18-2016 03:12 PM
  2. the tall guy's Avatar
    Hi, did you find such an app that allows this? what device do you currently have?
    07-25-2016 07:03 AM

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