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    I'm still trying to upload pictures from my trail cam to my S6 and not having any luck. I formatted the card, and had it take more pictures only to find that the data is not transferring to the phone. It auto loads on my laptop as a .jpeg file, but I have no idea what type of file it's saved as, can't find anywhere on my phone to find that info out. I'm just using an OTG SD cardreader plugged into my micro usb port. Anyone have any thoughts as to what else I can try? I'm talking stills here, not videos. I can pull some files from the LOST.DIR and email to myself, but that is pointless in the woods where there's no connection. Thanks again -
    07-18-2016 10:42 PM
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    You should probably join AC and reply to your original thread. No need to post multiple threads on the same subject as it'll only cause confusion. Click on the "Sticky" at the top of this forum and join in. Note that in order to reply to any thread... including your own... you'll need to join AC.
    07-19-2016 01:40 AM

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