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    Since Google loves to update their apps for no reason, I can no longer change my family plan for Google Music. I can't update the people, remove, or even find where on the ****ING APP (Google Play Music or the App Store) to manage any of this.

    All of Google's help pages are outdated and have incorrect information on them and it's getting to the point I will just cancel the subscription and all my subs on Google Play and just go through Spotify, the source of the app, and any other way to ensure that Google doesn't get a penny.

    Seriously, why are they would they change this with no support?

    Edit: After 30 minutes with Google, it was on their end that they were charging me for the family plan, but only 2 people were able to connect and the only remedy would be to unsubscribe and resub then re-invite everyone. For me this meant, unsub and got to one of the many many many other streaming services that are decently competent to allow browser account management.

    Fun fact, you can also ONLY manage a family account from an Android phone (I primarily use an iPhone as I got sick of poor support and updates).
    07-22-2016 10:00 PM

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