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    I recently replaced my Moto G XT1032 with a Moto G LTE (3rd Gen).

    On my XT1032, I had an app called "Calls Blacklist."

    When I migrated all the apps, etc. from the XT1032 to my Moto G 3rd Gen, the app transferred but the (extensive!) list of blacklisted phone numbers did not.

    I noticed within the Calls Blacklist app on the XT1032, there is a "Save to File" option for the blacklisted numbers list. So, that is what I did and the app produced a file name "/storage/emulated/0/CallsBlacklist/blacklist.txt"

    Correct me, please, if I'm wrong, but it appears to me I need to connect both phones to my laptop using USB, locate that .txt file on the XT1032, and drop it into the appropriate folder on the 3rd Gen.

    The trouble is I cannot find that .txt file ANYWHERE on the XT1032 when I look at the folders when it's connected to my computer. Actually, I can't even find the app itself - on either phone.

    Within the app on the 3rd Gen, there is an option to add numbers to the blacklist "Load from file," so I'm assuming here it's referring to the "/storage/emulated/0/CallsBlacklist/blacklist.txt" file created on the XT1032.

    But how to get that file from the XT1032 and into the app on the 3rd Gen is a mystery to me.

    Can someone please help? It would be very appreciated!

    07-23-2016 09:05 AM

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