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    I asked this before but I can't find it, as I never had an account but made one this time.

    So lately my HTC M9 has been overheating, and where the volume and power buttons are, is warpped and I had to take a flat head and bend back so the buttons wouldnt stick. Also the screen has become unresponsive at times. Sometimes I have to press a little hard for it to do something. But last night, it really made me mad. I'm pressing and pressing but nothing would happen. Restarted the phone. Still not working. At this point im pressing the screen so hard its doing the funky color change. Then I just tossed the phone into my plastic tool box, no more than 2 feet away and the screen cracks with my otter box defender case.

    Should I fix it or just upgrade? I'm looking at either the LG G5 or the Samsung S7. The LG G5 is $99.99 and then S7 is $299.99. I don't know if I wanna spend that much for the S7. I was gonna go with the S6 as its 0 now but it don't have a spot for an sd card. So thats out the door.

    So i'm deciding between the LG G5 and Samsung S7. Only down fall with the G5 is its a Quad core vs Octacore that the S7 has with my provider. What catches my eye with the S7 is its water and dust resistance. This is nice because I was vehicles 10 hours a day. But my biggest concern is, which one has the better camera?
    07-23-2016 04:18 PM
  2. Shisimona's Avatar
    I've decided to go with the S7. After looking around, I found a different carrier who has the phone for $100 on a 2 year contract. I pay an extra $15 a month but I also get 12GB of data instead of 10GB with my current provider.
    07-24-2016 02:27 PM

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