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    So my samsung note 3 went for a swim in the atlantic in about 100ft of water a few days ago. Haven't been able to recover it. I know its probably a lost cause even if I did find it down there. I really don't care about the phone or most of the data on it. The biggest thing really need is to be able to send and receive texts, phone calls, and apps till my contract is up in 19 days. I work an on call job and need to be able to answer calls texts and use a company app. Is there anyway I can get a phone for cheap till my contract is up and I can get a new android inexpensively. I talked to sprint and because of the contract I am grandfathered into its going to cost me a fortune to buy a phone from them. I need to stay under $50, have the ability to do group texts, be a samsung, and be here like yesterday.
    07-23-2016 07:54 PM

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