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    I made this post/thread because i couldn't find a solution to my problem through this forum and google.

    Here is my trouble:
    I was trying to install a twrp recovery and was following the instructions of a tutorial.
    -So first i installed flashify and proceeded to a back up of the current kernel and current recovery
    -Then downloaded a custom recovery image through TWRP release for my nexus 4
    -After this i accidentally flashed the recovery image to boot instead of recovery

    Now as you can guess the trouble is that my phone only boots to TWRP recovery instead of usual boot.

    I tried to find aswers on google and yet i didn't find a solution.

    I would be grateful for any help and wish to recover this mistake without using a factory reset if possible.

    Thank you, as you can see i am pretty new to this environment.
    07-24-2016 12:14 PM

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