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    Hello android peeps. got a prob and maybe one of you can help me solve it. here's hoping!

    My S4 is stuck in boot loop. This happened two days ago, very suddenly. It will start as normal and then after 10 seconds restart. And so on in a continuous loop. A few points that may prove helpful.

    *This happened maybe 8 months ago, same problem. A local shop suggested a hard reset which I didn't want. Another shop suggested it was a problem with the power button. He replaced it/fixed it and the phone worked.

    *I went back to the same guy yesterday and he checked the power button but says it is fine. I still think it could be the power button because this issue happened before.

    *I started the phone in safe mode. But the restarts continue.
    *I also wiped the cache partition. But restarts continue.
    *I understand the only other step is a hard reset. I really don't want to do this because I still have data, photos on the phone and I don't want to lose them.

    *One other element that could be relevant. This seems to have started around the same time as a spam text arrived. I opened the text to delete it but didn't click any links. The same spam text, from a clothing company, has arrived before, no drama. At the moment, when I switch on the phone, the same text arrives. Every time it restarts, the same text arrives. I've had 30 texts arrived one after the other until I took out the battery. I have switched off wifi and put the phone into airplane mode, but text still arrives each time it is restarted.

    Thoughts? I would really like it to be the power button, but the technician says it is fine. When I started the phone in safe mode and the problem continued I thought it was the power button.
    But then I started the System Recovery screen and the phone did not restart, suggesting it is something else. But my reasoning may be off.

    I really thank you for your help, in advance. Gregor.
    07-25-2016 12:42 AM
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    07-25-2016 01:13 AM

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