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    I cant open yahoo email attachment on any droid device
    07-25-2016 01:21 PM
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    I had no problem getting the Yahoo email for Android to install I just voice commanded google to bring up "the Yahoo Mail app for Android and iOS" (per instructions from Yahoo on security issues with my mobile phone email) and selected "Install". Then the problems began. I did as instructed and no end of trouble occurred thereafter as the pre-installed android email app struggled to maintain control telling me over and over to log in with my password while Yahoo told me some bad app was trying to get in but they had saved me after disconnecting my desk top Yahoo. Finally today I googled how to resolve the conflict between the 2 apps (after various attempts to disable the preinstalled app by pulling it up in Apps and using Force Stop, failed). The google search instructed me to follow a particular order to first delete the yahoo account and then reinstall it. Well, I followed the instructions except I deleted the Android Email account instead and that seems to have fixed the problem. Since Yahoo will undoubtedly be telling more and more folks that they are insecure and to do such & such to stop bad things from happening, I thought I should post this. Just go to settings select Accounts (or Accounts & sync) select the android email account Not the Yahoo account select the three dots and select remove account and it will go away (it still shows up in "Apps" for possible resurrection, I presume) but the problem of the conflict and the frequent notices from Yahoo that burglars, beasts and bad guys have attempted an unlawful break in should stop As well as the irritating little icon notices on the cell phone, upper left stating you need to login to your pre-installed email with your password.
    07-29-2016 05:03 PM

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