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    Hi guys, just signed up and making my first posting here. I've been reading on this site and others for hours and days and it's making my head spin... i think there are simpler answers to what i'm looking for, than what i'm finding.

    My plan is a nationwide talk share 700. I have 2 basic phones, out of contract and they state "eligible for upgrade." I have the UDP line (currently shows as a Mifi device) which offers "upgrade at retail price," and says an upgrade will be available 10/5 (when the contract expires).

    The ONLY thing i am interested in doing is extending the contract, preferably for another 2 years, in the simplest way possible. If i get a new phone in the process, so be it. I will consider keeping or selling it, as works out best. But first things first: how do i extend the contract before it's up?

    The only thing i've found that directly addressed this issue, if it's still valid, was this thread http://forums.androidcentral.com/verizon/604152-instruction-how-renew-your-udp-line-avoid-20-out-contract-increase.html

    I don't know how those plans will affect my plan overall (does it actually reduce my minutes to 100 per month?) or even if they are still available.

    In keeping with simplicity, would it work to simply call and ask, and be straight with them - i simply want to extend my contract to lock things in as they are? I am not asking for a subsidized phone in return, doesn't seem undoable on their end (in my imagination anyway).

    PS i couldn't figure out how to post this directly in the category of carrier discussion-US carriers-verizon, how should i have done that? All i could see was "ask a question."

    Thanks in advance for any help.
    07-25-2016 03:18 PM
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    I would suggest registering an account. You can then go to the thread (link below) to talk about this in detail .

    07-25-2016 03:20 PM

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