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    We were charged $479 for a S6. It wasn't very long after that, at all, that yall came out with the S7 for the same price. We didn't get a buy one get one offer or anything of that nature.
    I am very unhappy with the data cost so high mostly.
    T-Mobile, Straight Talk and other cheaper competitors all have unlimited data along with unlimited text and voice. Their phones work fine everywhere also. They don't charge but 45.00-60.00 a month. They don't change plans around like you do, & jack up prices at a whim.
    $ 80.00 for data is crazy high for such a competetive market.
    Stop milking loyal customers, your going to loose a lot of us.
    Stephanie Cobler
    07-25-2016 10:33 PM
  2. the tall guy's Avatar
    Hi, I think your complaint might be a little bit lost? this is Android Central - not your carrier.

    P.S why stick with a company who charges you more - go shop around.
    08-01-2016 04:49 AM

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