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    I've had the unlocked version of the S7 Edge running on AT&T since April. I love the phone and had an easy time shutting down iMessage on my old iPhone 5S, deregistering my number, and was receiving SMS and MMS fine. I've made sure that I have the correct settings (Group texting, auto-retrieve, and so on) enabled on my S7 Edge.

    I have an old college friend and we frequently exchange paragraph-length SMS/MMS messages. Recently, I wondered why I hadn't heard from him in awhile and when I reached out, he sent me a screenshot with multiple "green" SMS being sent from his iPhone, but I had never received them. I receive messages under 160 characters, but when he sends me a message longer than that, I typically do not receive the message.

    I put the SIM card back into my iPhone to see if some messages would come through and had no luck.

    Any suggestions? Thank you for the help.
    07-26-2016 05:58 PM

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