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    Hello all.

    I'm new to modifying my android (Galaxy S7 G930A) and could use some help. I have successfully rooted my phone, but have had some issues trying to flash a custom recovery. I was trying to flash TWRP but for some reason it didn't work, and I would always boot into the stock recovery.

    Today, I screwed something up while trying to figure out my host of issues (I was also trying to figure out why I kept getting a "dm-verity verification failed" notice when flashing). Using the TWRP Manager app, I tried to install the recovery that way and it kept giving me an error that it was either already installed or encountered an issue of some kind. Knowing it wasn't installed, I looked for a different route. Long story short, I downloaded Flashify and then manually downloaded and flashed the TWRP recovery img and a "no-verity-opt-encrypt" file - which I read would fix the dm-verity error I was receiving.

    I believe that's all I did before this recovery boot issue starting occurring.

    Now, when attempting to boot into recovery (no matter what way, through an app, manually, etc) the blue text "Recovery Booting..." appears for half a second and then disappears. If I'm holding down the buttons it will flash again and disappear again, over and over. If I don't hold down the buttons, when it disappears the phone boots up as normal. So now I can't seem to access recovery at all. I wanted to try going the hard/factory reset route, but obviously can't because I can't access recovery.

    Can anyone help me out here? Sorry for the long post, I'm just really frustrated.
    07-28-2016 08:25 PM

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