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    Hello people! I've recently been having an unusual issue with my Samsung Galaxy S7. I have my phone set up to show notification content on the lock screen and to open with my fingerprints, with a backup pattern lock. Most times, my phone works exactly as it should. I receive a notification (such as a text message), my phone's screen turns on so I can see what the notification is, and times out approximately ten seconds later, or I can open my phone with my fingerprint. The only app this doesn't work with is Gmail.

    When I receive a Gmail notification, my screen flashes on, like normal, but turns off immediately. It is on for maybe half of a second. When this happens, my phone will not allow me to open it with my fingerprint. Instead, it gives me the dots to connect my pattern and a message that says 'Pattern required for additional security'. When I unlock the phone with my backup pattern, the phone goes back to acting normally, as described in the previous paragraph, until I get another Gmail notification. The cycle then repeats, where my phone's screen flashes up for half of a second and I am unable to open my phone with my fingerprint. This issue started about two weeks ago

    I have tried everything I can think of to resolve this issue, but have found no solution. I've tried:

    - Uninstalling updates on Gmail app and restoring to factory version
    - Updating Gmail to latest version (last update was yesterday, July 27th, 2016)
    - Disabling notifications on lock screen (screen still flashes on, but doesn't display anything, and still requires me to use backup pattern lock)
    - Changing screen time out
    - Turning off fingerprint sensor (screen still flashes on)

    I've even tried other email apps, and this only occurs with Gmail.

    If anyone has any solutions or needs more info, please let me know! Thank you!
    07-28-2016 09:47 PM

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