1. DeadnAlive's Avatar
    Hey guys,

    yesterday I bought a new Galaxy S7 and I'm experiencing following issue: When using google maps or Pokemon Go indoor my location seems to be "jumping" around my neighborhood.
    I just put the S7 on my table and watched the gps/location marker changing places almost every second. It stays in a radius of 50m, I guess, but it never "stands still".

    I compared it to my old Nexus 4 which works far better in the same situation. It showed a steady accuratish location and only moved a few pixels every minute or so.
    I tried all three options in the Gps-setting. "GPS, wifi and mobile networks" was the default setting. Aswell as"wlan-scan" and "bluetooth-scanning" to improve accuracy. When I changed it to "GPS only" it totally freaked out and put me even few blocks away before jumping forth and back between my place and other streets.
    Changing it to "Wifi and mobile networks" seems to be the most steady option, but it is not that accurate and it does slightly change location every 10 seconds, too.

    I then used a few GPS-Apps like GPS Fix, GPS Test and GPS Status&Toolbox. It definitly improved the gps signal. Outdoor it was very accurate and indoor it was better aswell. Atleast when I put it down with clear view of the window.

    But after a reboot it became worse again and started jumping around again.
    What I don't get: Why is my location glitching around on my Galaxy S7, when I'm inside but very steady on my Nexus 4 which I put next to it? Why isn't it just showing "bad gps-signal" or something and just stays in the last known place instead of jumping around?

    Is my gps-antenna broken? Or is it a software-problem?

    How can I check whats wrong and solve the issue?


    PS: I accidentally posted as a guest at first, please delete my other thread
    07-29-2016 03:53 PM
  2. Heiko Finzel's Avatar
    I also switched from Nexus 4 to Galaxy s7 (non-edge) and can confirm the issue 100%.
    I also can't remember the issue when I bought the s7, so it may be related to the software update that was released some time ago (Software-Update reports the Version G930FXXU1BPH6/G930FDBT1BPH2/G930FXXU1BPH1 ; Android Version 6.0.1 ; don't know what it was before but right now there is no newer version).
    Which would also make sense since the thread opener reports (temporary) fixes related to some tools.
    10-10-2016 11:47 AM
  3. anon(632115)'s Avatar
    If the device cannot get a clear view of the GPS satellites, it won't work properly. It's not a fault, bug or anything else.
    10-10-2016 11:56 AM
  4. iguzzo's Avatar
    i am having the same issue. the telephone that i was using earlier did not behave like that. also, my new s7 is loosing the signal much more often. I noticed this clearly when playing pokemon go. with my previous telephone it was running smoothly but now it is loosing gps signal.
    it is expected that the signal disappears indoors, but the s7 is loosing the signal much more often than the other telephone, and it locates me in other positions, which i have never experienced using other telephones.
    11-17-2016 04:05 AM

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