1. nahoku's Avatar
    Lots of good input from nahoku! The main thing I would add is that if a factory reset does nothing, then you could also try reinstalling the firmware. If the firmware has corrupted somehow, then a factory reset won't fix it, since you're still using the same firmware. To reinstall the firmware, try using Smart Switch: SmartSwitch: Install & update or replace firmware
    I totally agree with this. It's a good option to try before returning the phone.
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    08-05-2016 02:07 PM
  2. Kroal's Avatar
    How likely is the factory reset to work?

    Tomorrow, I'll just take it into another repair place and if that fails, I'll just have my phone sent back and refunded rather than reinstalling firmware.

    I'm really convinced it's a dumb setting android put in themselves that's draining the battery.. Could it be something to do with the newest update? (I got the phone shortly after that update was rolled out)

    EDIT: Is the firmware reinstall really worth the time and effort over getting a new phone?
    08-05-2016 02:14 PM
  3. B. Diddy's Avatar
    I think it's worth trying the firmware reinstall. I've never done it myself, but the process shouldn't take that long. You don't have to go through the whole process of reinstalling all of your apps at first, either, because you'll want to see if the same battery drain occurs while the phone is free of 3rd party apps.
    08-05-2016 02:45 PM
  4. Kroal's Avatar
    Ok thank you I'll keep this in mind if two of you have recommended this, is my issue common in Samsung note users because AC makes it sure as hell look like it, especially after the OS update

    In the scenario I do get a refund on this phone.. what's the next best thing? I got this phone for the screen size and the capabilities (camera, data on the go, up-to-date).. I also don't like xperias haha
    08-05-2016 03:13 PM
  5. nahoku's Avatar
    Keep in mind that what you read on AC is only coming from a fraction of the Note 4 owner population. For certain, most people only post problems to a forum and not when things are working well. My brother's VZW Note 4 on MM has no issues at all. He did experience high System OS battery drain when LP first came out though, and a factory reset and a system cache wipe (in recovery) fixed his issue... whatever they were.

    I assume you're on MM and there are many threads, on many models, complaining about battery issues. For sure updates are forthcoming. Have you checked for updates recently?

    In the scenario I do get a refund on this phone.. what's the next best thing?
    Are you kidding!!?? There is no next best thing! LOL! Joking! For me, I need the S Pen, and the removable battery... there is no next best for my usage.
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    08-05-2016 03:27 PM
  6. Kroal's Avatar
    The S pen I never use anyway.. Actually, if you go to settings and search S-pen then there's an option to flick on an S-pen battery saver which I've done in case you couldn't guess haha!

    The removable battery, large screen and SD card is what attracted me to this instead of the S6 and as for the iPhone, Android is more customisable and just overall feels better than ios in my opinion.. But I'm thinking of getting the iPhone 6 plus instead if I need to.

    I'm sure they would roll out an update for this issue but it's so annoying and do you mean the updates on my phone? Yes I have for the software and apps
    08-05-2016 03:52 PM
  7. nahoku's Avatar
    Well, whatever you choose to do is up to you. Might be the best option is to just return the phone so you don't have to deal with these problems. I totally understand the hassles!
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    08-05-2016 06:55 PM
  8. Kroal's Avatar
    There we go, 100% down to 15% overnight, I'm definitely getting it taken somewhere today and telling the repair person that I got a new battery and done every bit of trouble shooting possible

    EDIT- That would not have lasted 10 hours like the battery prediction said.
    08-06-2016 01:50 AM
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