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    Hi guys,

    Don't ask why, at the time being I tought it was a good idea to disable oem in the developer settings while having a custom rom. That having said, I needed to do a complete reset with odin and flash the stock firmware. Because I still had my google account tied to my phone, they now want that I sign in with that account. After many failed attemps I changed the passwort an finally logged in. But then it said that I should use an account which was previously used with the phone. And I am 100% sure that that is the right one, but google tells me otherwise. I read something about a 24h lock if the password is changed. Is it as simple as waiting a day?

    I know it is this email, because when I logged into google in the web, it showed me that the device was recently factory reset. It also showed me my phone nummber and I could see apps which I installed on this phone. I only have on, so that must me it?
    I'm really lost here. I already searched for ways to contact google, but I came up with nothing email-related to my problem and I really don't wan't to call them. IIs there a working way to bypass it? I know there were some with earlier security patches.

    Also, does anybody know, where I could post this in the google forums? I looked at all of them, but none would fit into my problem. The closest I got wouuld have been google play store

    Don't know if it's usefull:
    Samsung Galaxy S7 (SM-G930F) running 6.0.1 with firmware downloaded yesterday straight from Samsung
    07-31-2016 07:22 AM

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