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    I just got a new Mercedes 2017 E300 4matic and was excited to use its new features, including the NFC wireless charging pad.

    The problem is, the first time I placed my phone (Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+) onto the charging pad, it charged for about 5 seconds before it stopped charging with the message "Wireless charging paused." The charging then restarts, and after a few seconds pauses again. This cycle is nonstop until I remove the phone from the charging pad.

    My phone has charged without issue on other wireless charging pads (like the ones they have at the counters at Starbucks, for example).

    I looked through several online Samsung forums to figure out if it was my phone...it does seem that some Samsung phones of the current generation have issues with wireless charging and several "Fixes," so I tried them all -

    Activate NFC on your phone...
    Put your phone into Daydream/Screensaver mode, so the screen stays on while charging...
    Place something between your phone and charger in case it is too close...
    Remove the phone case (my phone doesn't have a case)...
    Put the phone into Battery saving or Ultra battery saving mode...
    Turn off your phone and charge it that way (which isn't ideal at all)...
    Wipe the phone cache...
    Restart the phone, including "Safe mode"
    Some people have suggested the the amperage output from the charging pad may not be sufficient for my phone...
    I even spoke with Samsung Customer Service who suggested maybe I should go to the Verizon store and have them factory reset my phone (which other people have said didn't work)...

    I contacted the dealership and they are "looking into it," but I'm not expecting a real solution from them. The Mercedes Operator's Manual mentions pressing on the car's NFC logo to activate the NFC charging (the logo in the car is simply that - an NFC insignia - no button, no indication from the car that anything has been pressed or touched that I can see after I touch the logo).

    This was one of the features I was looking forward to using because it's one of the things that sets the new car apart from the previous generations. Honestly, it's been pretty frustrating. I was wondering if any Samsung owners may have had any similar issues?
    07-31-2016 11:33 PM

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