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    I tried an iPhone 6 for nearly two years. I loved how seamlessly it functioned with my iPad, and how well iMessage, FaceTime, and music worked; however, my test phase is over and I am thrilled to move back to android (tried it at the request of my family who are all Apple addicts) and my Galaxy S7 will be here this week.

    I am truly going to miss iMessage when connected to wifi on a plane (or when I have my iPad and my phone might be in a different room), and plan to get skype on my kids iPads to "FaceTime" with me. I assume my iTunes purchases and music will not be worth the conversion difficulty on a 32 GB phone.

    Any helpful setup tips? I really do like my iPad, but remember wishing I could text from it when I had my old Galaxy\Evo phones.
    08-01-2016 07:47 AM

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