1. AC Question's Avatar
    Call me stupid I guess... I have tried to find anyone having issues where the ringtones are set for my contact(s). Also set ringtones for Alarms... for some reason every week, I have to go back in and reset them to my custom tones. Anyone have a clue as to why? There aren't any updates pending and have the latest updates on all apps and OS ... MM 6.0 with latest system version 24.14.16.kinzie_verizon.Verizon.en.US...
    Verizon doesn't have a clue... can't find anything !
    Any help appreciated... just gets aggravating after a while.
    08-02-2016 09:53 PM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! Are you using the preinstalled tones, or custom tones? If the latter, then make sure the custom tones are saved to the Ringtones directory.
    08-03-2016 03:44 PM

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