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    I am having an issue retrieving a voicemail I received on my phone today (its an htc evo 4g). I saw a voicemail notification on my phone when I connected to the wifi (I do not have data capabilities). After I had turned off the wifi, I played the message, but by force of habit (I get voicemails from people I do not know) deleted it w/out listening the whole way through. As I realized that it may have been something I needed to be aware of, I went and checked all the folders in my voicemail. No luck. I could have sworn that the voicemail was left today, but before the only missed call I have recorded on my call log. I guess I am winding myself up more, because they may call and leave another message if it is important. However, i wanted to know if/how this could this happen? And whether there is any way to retrieve either the message or the number that left it. I really appreciate any info/explanation you can provide.

    08-03-2016 05:38 PM

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