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    I want to mount my Nexus 6P to my road bike handlebar stem to use for navigation. I purchased a Rokform bike mount and adapter for this purpose:

    This product can be found on Amazon and is described as: Rokform Universal Fit Pro Series Bike Mount

    I attached the adapter to the back of a plastic case, just below the fingerprint scanning area. I then attached the mounting arm to my bike stem. A perfect setup, or so I thought.

    As soon as I locked the phone/case/adapter down on the mounting arm, the Nexus 6P immediately went into Sleep mode.

    After searching the web for answers I figured out what was going on. The Rokform mounting arm has a strong magnet right under the decal "Bike Mount v3" to help keep the phone/case/adapter securely attached to the mounting arm. When the phone/case/adapter is rotated onto the mounting arm, this magnet gets positioned directly over the "N" in Nexus on the back of my phone, immediately putting it in Sleep Mode and making it useless as a navigation aid. When I run a magnet all over the back of my phone, this is the spot that puts it into Sleep Mode.

    So...long story short....does anyone know how to turn off this magnet activated Sleep Mode function?

    Any thoughts are much appreciated.
    08-03-2016 07:29 PM

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