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    I use galaxy s3 Neo, not rooted device.

    I noticed (in Application manager) that there are some apps that can only be stopped.

    So when you select the app, the only thing you can do is "force stop", the other options cannot be selected ("uninstall", "clear data"..).

    I understand that maybe uninstall cannot be made for some reasons (talking about system apps), but why "clear app data" cannot be selected?

    Even when I stop the app, I cannot select "clear data". Why is like this?

    Then how I will clear the data for this apps?

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    08-03-2016 06:39 PM
  2. BenjamineDupont's Avatar
    For exemple, if an app cannot be selected ("uninstall", "clear data"..) I think you can try to find Device administrators in your phone, and then choose disable the app, then I think you can do the option that you want to do. Hope this can help you~
    08-04-2016 01:02 AM

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