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    I have a very bizarre thing happening right now. My Galaxy S6 Edge with unrooted, stock ROM is installing software all by itself. The phone is set to not allow installation of apps from unknown sources, yet these apps are appearing all over the app drawer just in the last few minutes. It all started happening all at once, and ES File Explorer keeps telling me when a new app is installed because it does a safety scan of the file, which alerted me to it.

    The apps installed includes a game called "cookie mania", a CVS pharmacy app, EBay app, some app called "Moonlighting", and games called Juice Jam and Slotomania.

    If I go to uninstall them from the App Store, Google warns me that the apps were not installed through the App Store and asks if I want to remove them anyway. Can a bad app on my phone being using some sort of exploit to side load apps? It's got me a little worried about how these apps are getting on to my phone.
    08-04-2016 02:21 AM

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