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    So my friend and I have started running together. Thing is, she lives in Michigan and I'm in Indiana, so we talk on the phone while we jog. Bluetooth is our friend.

    We were wondering if we could get also music to play while we're doing this, and it turns out my friend can do so with her Jabra Talk Bluetooth earpiece. Sweet. Seems that all she needs to do is start the Music app, then one of us calls the other, then she opens the Music app and hits Play again and it just works. She hears music and can still talk to me. Awesome.

    I've also been using the Music app, but I couldn't get mine to play simultaneously while talking. Other apps will break in while I talk. I get a little voice in my ear from Map My Ride, for example, when I've run a mile. That happens even though I'm on the phone. But when I try to play music when I'm on a call, a message appears and says, "Unable to play during call." Heh, at least it's an obviously worded message.

    So my friend bought me a Jabra Talk since it works for her. I was so stoked! But it doesn't work for me! I still get the same error message -- "Unable to play music during call." Sheesh.

    Obviously the Jabra supports this, so the only thing we can figure is it's the phones.

    My friend, who can play music and talk simultaneously, has a Galaxy S4 running OS 5.01. (Is that Lollipop?)

    My phone, which will not play music and talk simultaneously, is a Galaxy S5 running 6.0 Marshmallow.

    We can't find any settings in the Music app or the Bluetooth that makes any difference. The Music app I'm referring to is the one that's installed on the phones that's called Music, and we're both playing music from the SD card.

    Can any of you shed some light on this? Or confirm it? Or, better yet, tell me how to make it work on my phone? If I need additional hardware, I'm willing to get it.

    The other thing is, my friend is ready for a new phone. If she upgrades, is she going to lose the ability to have simultaneous music and talk? Or does the Galaxy S7 support this?
    08-04-2016 11:17 AM
  2. echos2's Avatar

    It looks like this is an app-level setting. I still have the C25k app installed, and I remembered it would let me play the music on my phone. So I called it up and started the playlist there, and lo and behold, I had music and talk all at the same time! I suspect it never worked for me before because I didn't have a Bluetooth headset that would support it.

    So if anybody else is trying to do this, it looks like you need 1) a headset that supports it (Jabra Talk works for me) and 2) an app that supports it. Samsung Music v 1.0 does, but the current Samsung Music v 6.1.62-31 doesn't. (No idea about the Music app versions in between.)
    08-04-2016 01:29 PM

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