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    I apologize if this has already been answered, but I can't find any posts that specifically answer my question.

    I have the Nexus 6P and am aware that Android now requires authentication to connect to a computer with USB Debugging.

    However, I've read consistently that if you are trying to keep your phone as secure as possible you should keep USB Debugging turned off, so that someone who might happen to gain physical access to your phone can not exploit it.

    My question is: Is it really necessary to keep USB Debugging off when Android requires the phone to be unlocked and interacted with in order to open the USB Debugging connection? If someone could get past this authentication safeguard, how would it be done?

    I'm not a complete security nut, more curious than anything. My Phone is encrypted, has a security lock, and has a locked bootloader. Also I realize that anything can be broken into given the right tech and enough time and motivation, so please don't spam me with answers like that.

    Thanks for any information you can provide!
    08-04-2016 01:34 PM

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