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    I have have a GT-i9300 and I wanted to update from Jelly beam to Marshmallow. So, I have installed Cyanogenmod and in the first boot it got stucked at: optimizing app 23 of 23, android is starting. It goes through the optmizing, it shows the Cyanogenmod logo and after a while, it goes trough the optmizing again and again. What should I do?

    Step by step of what I did

    I have rooted my phone with Philz Touch (https:// mega. nz/#!SdglASxb!Oa1nUS8wVk2MDoAOzh8MFQN93IFDorM7n1kUm6DrzvM)

    I have installed the Cyanogenmod for Galaxy S3 (Intl) Samsung - i9300 Download Latest Release at 2016-01-15 (http:// download. cyanogenmod.org/?device=i9300)

    I have installed the open GAPPS arm 6.0 nano also from Cyanogenmod
    08-05-2016 11:44 AM

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