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    Hello. As everyone of us know, Galaxy Note 7 is out and pre-orders have been started. I wanted to know what are some pros and cons of pre-ordering a phone. Specifically, the price difference between pre-ordering a phone VS purchasing it at retail price once it's out.
    Thanks a ton!
    08-07-2016 02:48 PM
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    HTC offered a price reduction to those who pre-ordered the 10, so pre-ordering does not always cost more. 10% I think it was.
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    08-07-2016 04:17 PM
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    Welcome to the forums!

    Also it depends on your carrier and your city. I was able to walk into one store and be first, last year after getting there 15 mins before they opened.

    If I had driven to the largest store 10 minutes away it would have been hours and I probably wouldn't have gotten the white 64 gb.
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    08-07-2016 04:47 PM

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