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    I currently have an HTC One M7 on Sprint that I have had for more than 2yrs. The battery is failing so (sadly) I need to replace it. My issue is my other 2 family members on the plan (who still have iPhone 4s) are not ready to switch phones yet. We think we want to consider switching carriers because Sprint is really bad about updating their network in our area.

    I want to buy a replacement phone now or within the next 1-2 months but do not want to get stuck on sprint when I know we are considering switching to another carrier (that is not Verizon...).

    I am considering the Moto X Pure Edition, Nexus 6P, waiting until the new Nexus phones are released, or just risking it and buying the HTC 10. Are there any other phones/pros or cons to consider when wanting to be able to switch between CDMA and GSM networks?
    08-07-2016 03:58 PM

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