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    Ok, I have researched and researched about this issue and usually pretty good at figuring things out before asking. i cant find an answer. I have Samsung Galaxy S7 tmobile phone. Which i found out was Blacklisted for being reported lost. and now with a recent blacklist check on Tmobile site, it also says its blocked for unpaid services. I brought my phone to a metropcs a store and had a specialist help me out. 5 days later after paying for an unlock, my phone has a clean slate for black list only under a few random carriers im not familiar with, but one it is clean for is Metropcs(mind you ive used several different search engines) and only tmobiles search engines tell me its blocked. and all others just simply say its clean, while another says atleast out of the few, that it is clean for metro pcs and unknown for Tmobile. But since the guy at metro proccessed the unblock. My tmobile service will work, BUT only while connected to Wifi. and when i turn Wifi off, it goes back to saying "not registered to a service" and continues to say searching. i cant understand why the service turns on and works with Wifi turned on.(im sure its not just wifi im using) i can text call etc... and doesnt work alone just with the Tmobile service. I have been so excited as i havnt had a phone for a month now and now super fustrated that i cant get this to work. Is there any hope that i can fully clean the blacklist for this phone with tmobile? if not. can i switch my service to Metro Pcs as atleast on one of the search engines it does say its clean for Metro Pcs.. Also in the SIM STATUS, when i am connected to WIFI and it works, the Service Status says No service
    08-10-2016 08:18 PM
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    Have you talked to T-Mobile about paying off the debt? That'd be step one unless you bought the phone third party, instead of from T-Mobile, in which case you should most likely get a refund from the seller or turn the device into the police if the seller won't give you your money back. As for the rest of it, unfortunately we cannot help with trying to make the phone work other than advising to go through proper and legal channels to resolve the dispute. Community Rules & Guidelines - Mobile Nations Forums
    08-10-2016 09:19 PM

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