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    I did a Verizon buy a Samsung 7 or Edge 7 phone, open two lines, and get a phone free. I tried to buy online but the sale wasn't going through. I ended up finishing the sale with online Verizon rep. I asked "how do I get my free phone?". Rep replied in 8-10 weeks you will get a credit card in the mail for the value of one phone. After 12 weeks nothing. So I called Verizon. After 3 hours on the phone, and several people not knowing what they were doing I reached a man who told me I should have gotten a promo code in a text msg or email. I said I got nothing. And I looked through the paperwork with my phone (him on the line)--no promo code. Rep said: Well, a lot of people didn't get that email. He said no problem I have the code for that offer let me walk you through the submission now. The submission is a lot of stuff to do. Never told I had to send pics of this and that but we did it, submission done. Phone purchased in April, I am doing the submission in July. I get a few emails from verizon rebate asking for info to process my rebate. I give info. Today they come back denying me the rebate of free phone saying I was to submit within 30 days of buying phone. That is the first I heard of that! No one ever said I need a promo code or I needed to submit stuff or that there was a deadline for submission; not even Verizon rep who helped me do the submission. SCAM

    Anyone else out there have a problem with this Samsung 7/edge BOGO promotion?

    UPDATE: I joined Verizon community. So far I found two threads with a lot of people scammed out of their rebate.
    08-12-2016 06:40 PM

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