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    Ok, so my neighbour recently gave me an old Galaxy Mega (6.3). It's running 4.4.2 and, since Touch-Wiz is crap, id like to be able to flash TWRP and then a custom ROM. I have been using Odin but it always gives me;

    <ID:0/004> Odin engine v(ID:3.1005)..
    <ID:0/004> File analysis..
    <ID:0/004> SetupConnection..
    <ID:0/004> Initialzation..
    <ID:0/004> Get PIT for mapping..
    <ID:0/004> Firmware update start..
    <ID:0/004> SingleDownload.
    <ID:0/004> recovery.img
    <ID:0/004> NAND Write Start!!
    <ID:0/004> FAIL! (Auth)
    <ID:0/004> Complete(Write) operation failed.
    <OSM> All threads completed. (succeed 0 / failed 1)

    I can't seem to get it to work. While the phone is in download mode, it says Write Protection: Enabled. I'm not an expert with Samsung devices but does that have anything to do with it failing? I read somewhere that you can disable some firewall (pretty sure doesn't exist) to disable the Write Protection. I do have the device rooted (somehow) and have even tried the TWRP Manager, buuuuut still nothing. After using the TWRP Manager now when i try to boot into recovery mode it says 'Non- ATT stuff blah blah detected blah blah" Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
    08-13-2016 09:43 PM
  2. the tall guy's Avatar
    Hi, did you manage to find any more info out about this issue?
    08-19-2016 08:41 AM

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