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    Hey all. I know this has been asked repetitively, but I can't seem to find an answer with my specifications.

    I have a Samsung Galaxy S5, purchased in February. Since then, I have had a Samsung Evo 64GB microSD card in it. It has worked perfectly up until 2 nights ago. I sent a picture to someone, it showed up as a gray box in Facebook Messenger. Then I retook the picture and sent it again, it showed up fine. However, after that, ALL of the data from my SD card disappeared off of my phone. I have tried putting the microSD into its original adapter and plugging it directly into 2 different desktop PC's, in addition to a card reader USB into 2 different laptops - nothing.

    Any ideas as to why/how this can happen? Is it Android, or a crap card? I'm very upset since there are tons of photos on that card I was unable to back up (I had several family evens in the past week, one of which was literally the night before this happened). I'm devastated. If anybody has ANY tips to try to salvage anything off of this card, I'd greatly appreciate it.

    PS - I'm going back to Sandisk. I had the ExtremePlus in my previous GS5 for 2 years, in addition to my GoPro and not a single issue. Sigh.
    08-14-2016 06:20 AM

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