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    Hi, I am clueless as to smart phones. Just got my phone and even basics like answering incoming voicemail, texting, etc is new to me, I am Not intuitive about it either.
    Went to voicemail to get a call, couldn't answer it. Learned later I had to tap and then slide the phone handset icon. sigh. The included instruction book is useless and even this site is hard as it only seems to answer intermediate questions. I have "played" and practiced with it, but it takes so much time. So does asking basic questions here, and some answers are over my head and the (nice) reply is Not always basic. THANKS
    08-14-2016 11:59 AM
  2. belodion's Avatar

    This site is for all Android users, from novices to experts. I recommend registering as a member so that you can post in the LG K7 forum. Other users of the device will be glad to help - just as I was helped with the most basic questions when I joined Android Central. Helping one another is one of the main purposes of the forums.
    If there is anything that you don't understand about replies, just say.
    08-14-2016 12:20 PM

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