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    I keep getting an error that says "Screen overlay detected. To change this permission setting you first have to turn off the screen overlay from Settings>apps"
    I try this and nothing helps. I I was on the phone w/ Verizon support for an hour going thru everything and no help. This is a problem w/ more than Facebook... Email can't access contacts either
    08-15-2016 08:50 AM
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    From the little research I have done, it seems that the cause is a third party application like lux or cc cleaner. If you have any such apps installed, you should uninstall them. Then you would have to clear your system cache. Here is the post that seems to have helped some people with the same issue:
    I just fixed your exact problem on the exact same phone....step#1-first off do you have the clean master app or anything similar installed on your phone? If so, delete it. That app causes problems with the s7 because we already have a built in sweeper and security. Step#2- Once you've done that, power down your phone. While your phone is powered down, hold the volume up AND the menu buttons at the same time. While your holding both buttons, press and hold the power on button. (Now you should be holding 3 keys, volume up, menu, and power at same time. But remember, the volume up and menu should be pressed and held first, before pressing the power on button with them) as you do this, wait until you see either your phone carriers name/symbol or any display appear on screen that's showing your phone is being powered on. Once you see the display, let go of the power butyon, but keep the up volume and menu keys pressed, until it brings you to a screen that shows a couple options. Once your screen displays this, u may let go of all the keys you were holding....navigate down the options available with the volume down key and select on the option that says something about cache. (I don't remember all the other words next to this option, but I know it's the only option with cache in it, so bare with me. Lol) select that using the power key. A display with options yes or no will appear. Select yes. After this it should bring you back to the first screen with all the other options. Now select the first choice at the top that says reboot.( don't worry, your data will not be lost). Then your problem should be fixed. Just go to the appsame that were giving up problems and give it permissions, aso you was trying to do before, but the screen overlay BS kept popping up, it won't anymore.

    BTW, I was looking thru all these forums and Google yesterday for a solution. It was driving me crazy. A t-mobile tech from Texas named Lewis is the one who helped me with my problem, about an hour ago. I never posted in these forums, but I had to make an account to let anyone else know, who has tried all other options and nothing works who ends up here. Because it was driving me [ language cleanup]crazy! So I hope this helps. Peace.
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    08-15-2016 09:53 AM
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    Hey, Alto Bob Cat:

    Thanks! I was trying to assist my brother-in-law and was totally LOST. I lucked out, clearly, because yours is the one of the first posts I found with a thorough explanation of what to do. Peace out.
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    09-01-2016 04:51 PM
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    You're welcome Erin! Glad I could help.
    09-02-2016 07:59 AM

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