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    Something strange is happening, suddenly something is reset the security for apps on my Samsung s6 Edge with Marshmallow. The problem is that when starting a app he asks for certain rights when i want to change this a message appears to disable overlay for all apps. So when i have done that i can still not change the apps settings.

    There are apps i read online that can cause this cmlocker or Twighlight, i have both. Twilight is disabled and i thought Cmlocker was to but when i want to delete cmlocker it says it cannot be deleted because it is a device admin. So i want to disable cmlocker from deviceadmin but that is not possible because when i select cmlocker in the settings of deviceadmin settings hangs stopps and cmlocker stays for device admin.

    I have no intention to set the Phone to factory default so someone has a idea to get rid of overlay settings messages or to delete cmlocker when that is the cause?
    08-15-2016 09:02 AM

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