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    Lately 2 things happens with my Samsung S5:

    1. It heats up so much as if its boiling - Scary

    2. Once im going to sleep at night, let say with 92% or 80% (Phone isn't charged while i'm asleep), just 2-3 hours later i suddenly hear the alert noise for battery ending and later it just shuts off. while im waking up in the morning i need to charge it in order to use it.

    I Am using the power save mode.
    im ending all applications before going to sleep (especially this days, in order to know that at least there nothing - that i know of - works.

    I really do need you help and will appreciate a prompt reply.

    08-15-2016 10:10 AM
  2. belodion's Avatar
    What do your battery usage stats indicate after such a discharge?
    08-15-2016 10:26 AM
  3. TenshiNo's Avatar
    Sounds like you likely have an app going "rouge", meaning that it's running and doing something that is causing your phone's processor to work excessively hard for a long time.

    Go into Settings, Battery, and then click "Battery Usage" and see if there is an app at the top of that list that you don't use regularly. Even better if you can check it when the battery alert is going off in the middle of the night.

    You shouldn't need to manually close apps, ever. Properly written apps "go to sleep" when they are no longer in the foreground. Often closing them manually, just causes them to relaunch, which (potentially) requires them to do extra work as they reload all their data from the internet.

    If you don't see anything in the battery usage list, there are apps in the Play Store which can monitor your device and report which apps are causing excessive battery drain. Personally, I have used an app called System Panel in the past and very much like it. The free version will give you real-time stats, but the paid version will allow you to log and review battery and CPU usage details per-app going back 1 week.


    The GSam Battery Monitor is another popular choice (I have also played with it in the past), but I don't remember if it does the historical monitoring in the free version:

    08-15-2016 11:20 AM
  4. Shazzarg's Avatar
    i didnt check both cause i wasn't sure where to check and because it happens late at night after im asleep.
    I'll try to force my self to wake up once i'll hear the battery ending alarm and i'll check according to what the other response recommended.
    08-16-2016 05:24 AM
  5. Shazzarg's Avatar
    First thank you so much for such clear and explaing answer !

    Its exactly what im thinking, and i also think i'd better wake up to check whats happening in real time once i'll (sort of ) wake up
    due to the battery alarm.
    Thank you for the recommendations and link.
    I'll start checking and will get back to ask according to the results cause obviously there are professional and helpful guys here.

    08-16-2016 05:27 AM
  6. Shazzarg's Avatar

    So i woke up at night while i heard the battery alarm and took the attached screen shot which basically shows nothing
    unusual. it cant be that i slept 2 hours and the battery went down to 15% from 52%.. in normal situation it doesnt happens.
    The problem is that the screen indeed takes lots of resources and in order to see whats happening during the time it works while i sleep and until the battery alarm i guess i do have to download the 1st app you suggested in the paid version. am i correct ?

    Any furthers idea regarding the other Samsung apps mentioned there ? should they take many resources or is it normal ?

    Will appreciate your assistance and explanation.

    Good Day,
    08-17-2016 06:25 AM
  7. Shazzarg's Avatar
    Ooops and here's the screen shot from the time i heard the battery alarm.

    Why does my battery drained so quickly and phone shuts off at nights-screenshot_2016-08-17-01-08-06.jpg
    08-17-2016 06:28 AM

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