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    * Is there anyway for Verizon to tell if I dropped my phone literally ( 1 ) hour before I signed up for Insurance ?

    I received a New Smartphone for my Daughter from Verizon 10 days ago. My wife usually is the one that handles the Verizon thing and does the Ordering & etc.. so this was all new for me .
    I asked about including Insurance for her new expensive smartphone but the customer service rep. told me that I had 30 days to decide on whether I wanted to include the Insurance on her phone or not and told me to " Think about it ". So, I thought the first 30 days must be covered against anything happening or he would have certainly signed me up for the Insurance I was requesting right then and there ?Especially after I had just asked about it.? Right ?.
    Well... Of course my daughter dropped her phone screen down ( even with the ballistic glass screen protector ) it cracked pretty damn good !. So, a friend told me after I explained the phone call that the first 30 days are " NOT " covered automatically and he told me to call " RIGHT NOW " and sign up for the Insurance. !
    So, just to make sure that I was protected I decided to officially sign up for the insurance last night AFTER the drop.
    My reason's are :
    1 ) I had asked about signing up for the Insurance plan and he told me that I had 30 days and he actually to " think about it ". If I wasn't covered than why would he tell me that and why would he not warn me and sign my butt up right then & There ?
    2 ) My intention was to sign up anyway so morally I have no problems with signing up after the fact.
    3 ) I have been with Verizon for years and I have found out through my wife that I have had Insurance on all of my phones forever and never had a claim. So even with this claim I am losing a lot of money.
    So, Can anyone tell me if there is anyway they can tell if I dropped my phone ( 1 )hour before I signed up for Insurance ?
    Also, Is there a waiting period for Insurance to Kick In ? Anything in the fine print I should be aware of ?
    Has anyone dealt with Verizon's Insurance Policy System before and is there anything I should be aware of ?
    Thank You
    08-15-2016 10:45 AM

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