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    I have a Sony Xperia Z5 premium, and it has the option to transfer photos, movies, and music to an SD card. I selected this option yesterday and started transferring my photo and movie files to the SD card. It was taking a very long time, so I forgot that I was doing it and accidentally took a picture. It seemed to lag a little after taking the picture, but then it seemed fine and I periodically checked the transfer window to make sure it was still proceeding. Then, today, I went to copy all of the photos onto an album I have on my laptop, but I couldn't find them anywhere. Normally, they are in the DCIM folder, but I checked the DCIM folders on both the SD and the phone, and only photos that were already on the SD card showed up, and only the photo I took mid-transfer shows up in the internal storage. When I go to my Album on my phone, the thumbnails seem to suggest that the pictures are still there, but I have been too afraid to tap one to increase the size and see its stats, for fear of seeing an error message come up telling me that the photo no longer exists.
    08-16-2016 08:16 AM
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    Dude, I am having a similar problem with my S7 Edge after a Bluetooth transfer to my sister phone of a few pictures I lost an entire album.... I've tried a bunch of stuff, restart, checking DCIM folders , third party picture viewer, re.data, cleaning cache... But nothing... Like they just vanished WTF man, really frustrating

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    08-16-2016 08:59 AM

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