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    I've been having the same sound problem with my Galaxy S6 for months now. It happens to all my phone apps that are used for sound or music--Spotify, SoundCloud, 8tracks, etc. When I play music or a podcast, if I lock my phone or use a different app while music or a podcast is playing, the sound stops. The only thing I have figured out to fix it is to unlock my phone and reopen the app or simply reopen the app if I'm on a different one. I've managed, but it's really frustrating when I listen to podcasts or music while walking, trying to relax. Frankly, it's impossible to listen to anything on my phone anymore because I have to constantly make sure my phone remains unlocked and the app remains opened.

    SoundCloud will pause about every minute and a half, give or take. Spotify will stop after every song or two. Unlocking my phone and reopening the app temporarily fixes both problems.

    I'd really like a solution if anyone has any. I tried a factory reset, but that only wiped my phone clean because I hadn't backed everything up, and didn't even fix the sound problem. I heard things that it could be a Lollipop/Marshmallow issue, but I'm not sure what that means or how to fix it. I've also heard that deleting xfinity apps would solve it, but I don't have any of those either.

    Please help!!! Thank you!!!
    08-16-2016 02:03 PM

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