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    For the last few months, my Galaxy s4 has been acting very strange. None of the google play services would open, and on the few occasions they did, I just kept getting a 'server error. Please retry" message. I tried everything from clearing caches, to uninstalling, then re-installing updates, to clearing accounts. After a while, my speaker stopped working after I disconnected a bluetooth device. When the speaker didn't work, streamed video, gifs, and other media which included audio and/or video would play very choppily. Once again, I scoured the internets looking for a solution, to find none of them working. My device would get stuck in boot loops, and after a while, the speaker would stop just from being left alone. The mic stopped working even later on. But, about 22 hours ago, I started up my phone after a horrid red eye flight, and it went on for a bit, then turned off. It repeated this about six times. Then, I went back onto my phone, and It prompted me for an app update. I updated the app, and it wasn't until I went into said app, and heard audio coming from my phone's speakers, that it occurred to me, that I downloaded this from the play store without an error message. After a brief celebration, I put on some music on my phone. I was jamming out to some Connan Mockasin and browsing the web, when this loud ** BLEEEEP** came out of my phone. The audio stopped playing, and everything froze up. I went back into music, and the app froze when I pressed the play button. "Oh great, Wonderful, it's all screwed up again" I thought. But, It said "Com.System.Andro.Pushsystem (or something like that) has stopped working" And continued playing the music. After this song, the whole phone locked up entirely. It froze, and the screen went black, with only the buttons lit up. I somehow got into my phone, and the Audio once again, would not play. If it makes a difference, I'm rooted, not using a custom rom, and my phone is two years old. I also recently got the AMOLED replaced due to a pressure fracture.
    Can anyone please tell me what the hell is going on with my phone?!?!
    08-16-2016 03:49 PM

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