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    For about the past week or so I've been getting pop ups on my phone even though I'm not using the internet. These pop ups appear frequently throughout the day. Every time I close the pop up a file begins to download onto my phone even though I didn't authorize it. If I don't delete the file whilst it's downloading when it finishes I get asked whether I would like to install it since it's from an unknown source. Obviously I click no. I was wondering if anyone else has been having the same problem and if anyone knows how to fix this problem.

    I've also used several android apps that scan your phone for viruses and they've all said my phone has no virus.

    Here's a link to screenshots of the problem:
    1. uploadpie.com/Iv2LI (This is the pop up)
    2. uploadpie.com/ggri6
    3. uploadpie.com/RB48P (example of the files that have downloaded onto my device from the pop ups)
    08-16-2016 05:56 PM

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