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    I had a bunch of drafts and I accidentally reset the email app and it re-opened with zero drafts. Ugh! Device is jellybean 4.2.2, and android stock email app. Draft's aren't synced to a server.

    When I look in \Phone\data\data\com.android.email\...

    there's database folders like 0.db_att 1.db_att ... 3.db_att which contain attachments (for media caching I guess).

    and there's some db files EmailProviderBackup.db and EmailProviderBackup.db-journal and EmailProviderBody.db.

    but don't know.

    Can anyone suggest how to look in the source code...


    to figure out where the drafts are stored locally on the phone? Then maybe I can look for that db file or remnants of it, and some of the draft email bodies from it?
    08-16-2016 06:54 PM

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