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    I have a Galaxy S6 Edge and I installed a pokemon go radar from an unknown source since its not in the store.
    I installed two apps back to back and then pop ups started appearing in a separate application when I unlock my phone.
    If I press back it goes to another pop-up but I can close it like any other application, except this one had no name
    I went to my applications and saw an unnamed app that's 7.62 mb and upon clicking it, I see that the uninstall and force stop buttons are greyed out and unclickable.
    I un installed both apps and rebooted but the app is still there.
    I tried running a scan with smart manager and avast antivirus but nothing picks it up.
    What should I do ?
    08-17-2016 05:16 AM
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    Check and see if there is an entry of anything unusual in your Administrator rights. On my LG G3, Go to Settings, Security, Phone Administrator. If there is something weird, uncheck, then go back and see if you can uninstall. Also check your security settings to turn off Unknown Sources...you have to turn this on before installing an app you find outside of Playstore/Amazon App Store. I always turn this off immediately after installing an outside app as they could spawn other rogue app installs. If all else fails, backup everything and Factory Reset (using the alternate method, not just the Factory Reset under the Backup & Reset in your Settings).

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    08-17-2016 06:03 AM

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