1. Athena Hill's Avatar
    Galaxy S3.
    This mobile gets very little use. I keep it with me turned on all day and it gets charged from about 8 pm to 4 am. Generally when I plug it in to charge it still has 75-90% charge left.

    The other day at around 4 pm I noticed the charge had dropped down to 2%.
    I had not used the mobile all day.
    I turned it off.
    Put it on the charger in the car, in a closed console and took it out at 8:30.
    It showed the green battery with 100%
    It would not turn on.

    I tried removing the battery, the SIM card. Nothing.

    Next day, from information on a YouTube video, I:
    Plugged it into a power source, held the Volume Up Button, Power Button and Home (?) Button for 15 second. The blue light in the corner came on, and I clicked on the “Reboot”

    It worked.

    However, now every time it is plugged in there is message at the bottom of the screen “Abnormal Battery Condition.”

    It appears to be holding the charge as much as it did before.

    Do I need a new battery? Obviously this mobile is four or so years old.

    Also, I don’t want to turn it off because I’m concerned it will not start, and I don’t know if I will be so lucky next time.

    I really do not want to purchase a new one if I don’t have to—as I said, I rarely use it.

    Thanks very much.
    08-17-2016 08:59 AM
  2. sfoLAX's Avatar
    Hello. Do you have any battery or (system) doctor type apps running.
    I hadn't heard of that warning before but it may be built in.

    See if you can spin the battery on a flat surface. If there's a bulge in the battery I wouldn't use it again, though you say it holds a similar charge when you can turn it on.
    A replacement new battery ftom Samsung or Anker for the S3 will be very inexpensive online now, but if you have to reboot it in Recovery Mode you may have other issues that a repair centre can check on the spot.

    Try running the GSam battery app and see if there is a temperature spike, also look at the battery stats and touch the graph for signal displays. Do you have a sim always in it.

    I would try to spend a few dollars on a new battery, though it may be a phone problem (the phone controls the charging rate).

    Post here with a username if you don't get the advice you need
    Or check in to this thread and battery guide :


    Added: also when it drops alarmingly to 2% or similar again, look at the Battery screens to see what is using power.

    This is a Motorola. If you tap the graph you get the history screen.

    08-17-2016 10:23 AM
  3. Athena Hill's Avatar
    Thank you very much for responding.

    All excellent information.

    The battery is definitely always flat. I have taken out the SIM card twice (I do not know enough about mobiles to have reason to remove the SIM card.

    I will go ahead and purchase a new battery, and if I ever have the issue of the phone losing power at that rate, I will definitely follow your advise.

    Again, I really appreciate you taking the time to post such a detailed response.
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    08-18-2016 12:35 PM
  4. sfoLAX's Avatar
    You're very welcome. Thanks for registering and responding.

    A cellphone searching for a signal in a bad area is a battery drain. You would see red on the Battery - History screen, so that's why I was asking about the sim card.

    I hope a battery solves the issue. Often a good repair store would check if the phone is charging properly for free.

    Beware of rogue sellers online. If you can't get a genuine retail packed Samsung battery, the Anker brand is top notch for quality and customer care / warranty.

    Welcome to Android Central.

    Have a look around, and maybe say Hi to our site ambassadors under Android Central Community - Introductions.
    08-18-2016 01:15 PM
  5. mbrown76's Avatar
    I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Been having trouble hardly wants to charge keeps saying abnormal battery condition or says I'm not using the correct charger I'm using the one that came with the phone. I put on charger overnight and didn't charge
    10-16-2016 11:20 AM
  6. Rukbat's Avatar
    How far do you normally let it discharge? If down to 40%, it's early (but not so early that it's covered) battery failure. If to 10% (the way many people ddo), you killed the battery.

    In either case, you need a new one. (See https://www.amazon.com/Samsung-Galax...cUvbUpU5497506)
    10-16-2016 01:37 PM
  7. BrownDus's Avatar
    I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Been having trouble hardly wants to charge keeps saying abnormal battery condition or says I'm not using the correct charger I'm using the one that came with the phone. I put on charger overnight and didn't charge

    Hey I'm wondering if you ever resolved this. I have the Galaxy note 4. I just paid a small lump of cash for one and it charged fine for 2 days and is doing exactly what you described. Please help if possible
    11-14-2016 11:47 PM

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